Khamis, Februari 24, 2011

Theres nothing to be sorry of...

satu kisah dalam sebuah kisah cinta... 0215 24022011

boy:: thanx 4 messing with my life..
girl:: what hv i done?
boy:: it is over between me n her.. thanx 2 u..
girl:: i didnt say anything..
boy:: im not in a mood 4 relationship now.. so its over now.. im letting u go.. hope u gonna b happy with the person u love now.. ill be happy 4 u 2..
girl:: (quiet.. clueless.. feelingless)


a moment b4..
other girl:: do u want him back?
girl:: meaning??
other girl:: i know u r his ex..
 n u still love him..
i hope we can be friend..
but i cant be with him anymore..
girl:: (sorry girl, im not his ex, but still his girl) i'm jealous.. bcoz i can see him very happy with other now.. i love him once.. but now.. he is yours.. n  ive got someone else.. n im trying 2 give him.. the love he suppose 2 hv..
other girl:: i know u still love him..
girl:: (girl.. of coz i do.. we hv been 2gether 4 a long time)
but now.. im quite happy 4 him..
plz.. dont leave him bcoz of me..
let me be the one 2 go..
other girl:: it is not bcoz of u.. but it is me..
girl:: dont make excuses.. plz..
other girl:: im not..
other girl:: sorry.. =(
girl:: there is nothing 2 b sorry of.. ok??


that midnight..
girl:: im sorry if it is bcoz of me.. that ur relationship with her was over..
if we were meant 2 b.. im gonna b yours 4ever.. n if u really gonna let me go..
plz.. dont walk away frm my life juz like that..


next morning..
boy:: im sorry.. i didnt meant what i said last night.. are we still like we used 2??
we were meant 2gether,, thanx 4 owez supporting me..
girl:: meaning??
boy:: ...
girl:: whatever.
boy:: ok..
girl:: fine..


** boy,  is it that easy?? juz simply say u r sorry.. n u r asking 4 my forgiveness..
i know i am at fault 2.. but i cant accept that u said im the one 2 blame 4 ur break off n end our relationship bcoz of that,,
so.. im sorry.. u can say anything bout me.. but u hv ask me.. 2 find my on hapiness..
n i am now.. thanx..

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